The Venice Tour Guides for Sustainable Tourism (GVTS) are professional guides and passionate ambassadors of their city. They share their in-depth understanding of Venice’s historical, artistic and architectural heritage as well as the economic and social development that has characterized Venice through the centuries. They use their knowledge to ensure that participants in their tours can experience the city in the best possible way, while respecting those who live and work here. GVTS tour guides are in constant interaction with Venice and its lagoon, as well as its inhabitants and artisanal activities. They know every secret of the Venetian environment and, above all, are aware of the threats to its existence.

All members of Venice Tour Guides for Sustainable Tourism (GVTS) are highly qualified and specialised in conducting tours in the Province of Venice and the Venetian Villas. Moreover, they have all taken the tour-guide exam before 2013, when the Veneto Regional Administration restricted admission to the tour-guide exams to candidates with university degrees.

The sense of pride that we share in belonging to Venice and in working to show people its extraordinary beauty has led to the development of a project aimed at contributing to the protection of Venice and the safeguarding of its historical and artistic heritage. For this reason, all events organized by the GVST will be opportunities to collect donations destined for the restoration of Venice’s works of art.